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Three Steps to Heaven Versions 4-5

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I've always been fascinated by targets in pop art culture. Dating back to 1955, artist Jasper Johns created target paintings steeped with hidden meanings. Johns’ targets examine how we observe and are, in turn, observed. “There may also be a deeply personal meaning to these works, which relates to Johns identity as a closeted gay man from the American South living in the persecutory, anti-communist and homophobic era of Senator Joseph McCarthy” writes Professor Isabelle Loring Wallace. Our political climate has taken a sad return to the social and political climate of the 50's. Perhaps that is why I am finding myself obsessed with this motif.

24 x 36 Archival Ink Jet Print Face Mounted to 1/4" Plexi.  Digitally Manipulated original photography. Ready to hang. 

Other sizes and framing options available.

$150 additional for shipping after order is placed.


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