Friedrich Nietzsche stated: "Without music life would be a mistake.” For my abstract series, “Unplugged,” I tap into my lifelong fascination with music’s raw emotional power. Music can instantly change my state of mind and hammer away at inner commotion. When I work on my art, the music is on, LOUD, and I embrace the rhythm and the sound vibrations. Creating art without music would be like trying to work in total darkness.

Each work begins with original photography, which I digitally manipulate until I am satisfied with the outcome. 

I love working with saturated color as well as starkly contrasting black and whites. I very often do a study of the same piece in all its beautiful transformations. The digital art experience provides an outlet to be unceasingly creative, continually working and reworking pieces with the click of a mouse. Every new layer or filter creates endless possibilities, tapping into the unlocked potential that exists and providing the feeling that there are no barriers