Fine Art

Originally done on a printing press using found objects, Japanese papers and ink, Joanie Landau has turned the unique process of collagraphs into digital works. Using various photo applications, layers upon layers of original images merge together into a unique and one of a kind piece of art.

Each piece begins with original photography and usually multiple images are used to form a piece. She loves working with saturated color as well as starkly contrasting black and whites and very often does a study of the same piece in all its beautiful transformations.

The digital art experience provides an outlet to be unceasingly creative, continually working and reworking pieces with the click of a mouse. Every new layer or filter creates endless possibilities, tapping into the unlocked potential that exists and providing the feeling that there are no barriers.

Digital collagraphs are masterfully printed using archival ink jet printing techniques. Print only options available by request. Other sizes available on request.
Shipping costs are additional and to be determined.