Joanie Landau CV

Solo Exhibitions:   

 2024: "Unplugged," Serendipity Labs, Westport, CT.

 2022: “SoNo1420 Presents Joanie Landau,” South Norwalk, CT

 2021: “Artist of the Month” Westport Book Shop, Westport, CT

 2020 “Say the Word” Westport Public Library Main Hall, Westport, CT.

 2020 “Summer of Hope” The Gallery at Pearl, Westport, CT

 2019 “Rumble ’n Sway” The Loft Association Gallery, Stamford CT

 2019 “In Bloom Series” The Style Shed, Fairfield CT.

 2018 “Art Doesn’t Have to Match the Sofa: A Digital Encounter,”                         The Mayor’s Gallery, Stamford, CT

 2018 “Abstract Nation” Rockwell Art Gallery, Westport CT

 2018 Gold Coast Kaleidoscope: An Evening of Performing & Visual Arts, Stamford, CT

 2018 “In Bloom” Whip Salon, Ridgefield, CT.


Juried Exhibitions:

2023: New York Center for Photographic Art International Show, “Abstract 2023.” “Sea Grass Scribble in Candy Stripe.” Winner Honorable Mention.

2023: Pequot Library’s 23rd Juried Art Show, Southport, CT. “Bouquet 91” in Night.

2023 Ridgefield Guild of Artists 46th Annual Juried Show, Ridgefield, CT. “FB’s Irises Photomontage Blue Story, V. 6” and “Iris Solo B+W.”

2023 Connecticut Women Artists 2023 National Open Juried Show, Barnes-Franklin Gallery, Farmington CT: “42 Boxes - White.”

2023 Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) Recycle 2023, Brooklyn, NY: “The Morning After No. 1.”

2023 LifeBridge Artist Gallery and Auction at The Knowlton, Bridgeport, CT. “Tulips for a Friend Color Quad” and “Yours Mine Ours Version 2.”

2023 Milford Arts Council Firehouse Gallery, Color Exhibit Blue, Milford CT: “Ode to Robert Indiana LOVE Version 1.”

2023 Carriage Barn Arts Center 43rd Annual Photography Show, New          Canaan CT: “Miraculous Ranunculus” and “Bouquet 91 Ivory & Navy.”

2022 Art Square Gallery NY Exhibition, “Flowers:” “BOUQUET 36,” "Limelight Hydrangea Solo”

2022: Rowayton Arts Center Photography & Sculpture Juried Show 2022:                        “Miraculous Ranunculus.”

2022: Carriage Barn Art Center Live Girl Benefit “She Is Rising…,” New          Canaan CT, “Love 2021 V. 2” and “Hope 2021 V. 2”

2022: Fairfield Museum’s 14th annual IMAGES Juried Photography Show, Fairfield, CT: “Iris B+W Solo.”

2021: Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA, “National Juried Photography Exhibition: “Wide Open Skies Version 1.”

2021: Edward A. Dixon Gallery, Dayton, Ohio, “Joy (This is Just What I  Needed) “Pretend You Know What You’re Doing.”

2021: Rowayton Arts Center Photography & Sculpture Juried Show 2021:“Foxglove B+W Version 1”

2021: Carriage Barn Art Center Live Girl Benefit “She Is Rising…”, New Canaan CT, “Live.Love.Laugh.” “Love V. 1” “Kind V. 3”        

2021 Lockwood Mathews Mansion Museum, Norwalk, CT: Socially Distant Art: Creativity in Lockdown, “Love 2021 V. 2” and “Hope 2021 V. 2”

2021 George Billis Gallery, Westport, CT: Art Essex Live Invitational Exhibition, “Ode to Robert Indiana: Love 2021 V. 2.”

2021 Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan, CT: 41st Annual Photography Show, “Tulips For a Friend Color Quad.”

2020 The Pequot Library, Southport, CT: 20/20 Visions “Tulips For a  Friend Duo,” ‘LiveLife V. 5,” “The Monarchy Multi V.2”

2020 Rowayton Center for the Arts, Rowayton CT: Autumn Juried Show “The Monarchy B+W Version 3”

2020 Connecticut Office of the Arts: “Together” Virtual Exhibition “Yours, Mine and Ours Version 2” 

2020 Rowayton Center for the Arts, Rowayton CT: Spring Juried Show “Roses For Sara Diptych” Winner Honorable Mention.

2020 Warwick Center For the Arts, RI: “Abiding Courage.”“Justice +  Equality” Winner Honorable Mention and “Resistance.”

2019 J. Mane Gallery, On Line “H2O Art Exhibition”: “Two Pools 1.” Winner Honorable Mention.

2019 The Pequot Library, Southport, CT: “ART Libris.” “Tree on Main Solo” and “Ode to Robert Indiana: Hope V. 1”

2019 Rene Soto Gallery, Norwalk CT: “Dreams.” “Spread Your Wings”

2019 Loft Artists Association, Stamford CT: “The Shape of Memories.” “Venice, CA”

2019 Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan CT: “The Art of Being a Girl.” “Guanacaste 1 + 2.”

2019 Studio Montclair, Montclair NJ: Portfolio Series “Love and Fear.” 8            pieces selected.

2018 Rowayton Center for the Arts, Rowayton, CT “Love + Lust.”

2018 Cooperstown Art Association 83rd Annual National Juried Exhibition, Cooperstown, NY. “4x4”

2018 Maritime Garage Gallery: A Reverence for Nature, South Norwalk, CT. “Guanacaste 2”

2018 West Hartford Art League, CT+6. “From Where I Lie No. 8."

2018 Taos Art Insurgency, Greg Moon Gallery, Taos, NM: The New Protagonists. “Love + Lust” and “State of Becoming."

2018 Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, MD. Focal Point. “Love + Courage”

2017 Alex Ferrone Gallery, North Fork, NY. National Juried  Photographic Exhibition: Water-Small Works. “The Tide is High Blue” and “A Pool and a Creek No. 1.”

2017  Pequot Library, Southport, CT. 20th Annual Art Show: The  Story of Art. “State of Becoming.”

2017  Imago Foundation for the Arts, Warren, RI: 12th Annual Open Juried Exhibit: Art of Protest. “Justice + Equality.”

2017  Farmington Museum, New Mexico: Gateway to Imagination. “Love + Lust”

2017  Loft Artists Association, Stamford, CT: Visual Narratives: “Hashtag Nation Quadriptych”

2017  311 Gallery, Raleigh, NC: Annual Flowers & Gardens Show. “Ravello 1” and “Ravello 2.”

2017  Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC: Resist. “Hashtag Nation B + W Quadripych,”“Justice + Equality,” “Resistance,” “We Need You, Emma Lazarus.”

2017  Cooperstown Art Association 82nd Annual National Juried Exhibition, Cooperstown, NY. “Justice + Equality” Winner Award of Merit.

2017  Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA: The Next Big Thing. “Hashtag Nation Quadriptych”

2017   Cape Cod Museum of Art, Cape Cod, MA: Freedom of Expression. “I’m Not Famous”

2016   Gallery 66 NY, Cold Springs, NY: Feeling Blue.“Need to Dance”


Group Exhibitions:

2022 Carriage Barn Arts Center Annual Member Show, New Canaan, CT. “Iris B+W Solo.”

2021 Carriage Barn Arts Center Annual Member Show, New Canaan, CT. “Love +Lust.”

2021 Westport Arts Collective Show “Community” at the Westport Library: “Yours, Mine, Ours Version 2.”

2020 Carriage Barn Arts Center Annual Member Show, New Canaan, CT. “Roses For Sara Diptych.”

2020 Ely Center for Contemporary Art, New Haven CT, “What Now?”         “LiveLifeV. 3”

2020 Sebastapol Center for the Arts, Sonoma County, CA “Hope V. 1”

2020 Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Ct, “Memories.” “Venice, CA.”

2019 Artists Collective of Westport 12 x 12 Pop Up, Westport, CT.        “Psychedelic Shack Turquoise.”

2019 Carriage Barn Arts Center Annual Member Show, New Canaan, CT. “Paparazzi.”

2019 Loft Artists Gallery, “War: What is it Good For?” “Justice + Equality,” “We Need You, Emma Lazarus,” Resistance.”

2019 Loft Artists Gallery, Bring A Friend Exhibit. “Wanderlust.”

2019 Artists Collective of Westport Pop Up, Westport, CT. “From Where I Lie” Series.

2019 LAA presents “Lock Works” with the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. “Door Knockers of Patmos”.

2019 LAA at the Wilton Library, Wilton CT. “Wonderwall Trio,” “Ravello 1 and 2,” “4 X 4”

2018  Artists Collective of Westport Pop Up Show, Westport Arts Center, CT. “Love + Courage,” “Current Status,” “Hashtag Nation Quad.”

2018  Carriage Barn Arts Center Annual Member Show, New                                      Canaan, CT. “Venice, CA”

2018  UCONN Stamford Art Gallery, Stamford, CT. “Tree on Main.”

2018  Westport Artists Collective Pop Up, New Haven, CT. “I’m Not Famous” & “Justice + Equality”

2018  LAA “Bring a Friend”, Stamford, CT: “Tree on Main Solo”

2018  LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art), Electron Salon: “Love + Courage Blue” and “Current Status”

2018  Bartlett Arboretum, Stamford CT. “From Where I Lie” No. 9

2018  Palace Theater, Sackler Gallery, Stamford, CT: “I’m Not Famous” and “Justice + Equality.”

2018  Mayor’s Gallery, Stamford, CT. “The Sky’s the Limit No.1”

2018  Kershner Gallery, Fairfield CT. “Into the Mystic No. 1”              

2018  Loft Artists Association: Color Fields. “US Blues No. 1-2-3.”  

2018  The Gallery at Pearl, Westport, CT (4 pieces)

2018  Loft Artists Association New Members Show (3 pieces)

2017  Carriage Barn Arts Center Annual Member Show, New                                      Canaan, CT. “Need to Dance”

2016- Ongoing White Birch Studio, Westport, CT - Rotating works.

2016-2017 Galeria Isadora, South Norwalk, CT “I’m Not Famous”   



2021 Kaleidoscope Issue 1, Long Wharf Theater: “I’m Not Famous.”

2019 Book Cover: Cristina Henriquez, The Book Of Unknown Americans,                          Anche noi l’America, new edition. “Justice + Equality”

2019 Arts + Leisure Cover Feature, 10 Connecticut newspapers

2018 Professional Artist Magazine

2018 Fairfield Magazine.                       March-April-2018/Art-Eye-of-the-Beholder/

2018 Artsy Shark Featured Artist:          2018/05/21/featured-artist-joanie-landau/

2017 Metro Weekly, Washington DC Juried Show Feature


Continued Education       

Studied Printmaking at Center for Contemporary Printmaking and Silvermine School of Art.  Won both “REMBRANDT GRAPHICS ARTS,” AND THE “FIRST PRIZE MIXED MEDIA” Awards. 


Private Collections

The Center for Family Justice, Bridgeport, CT.

Needle Cuda Law Firm, Westport CT

Tony Robbins, FL

The Singer Family, Weston CT

The Sussman Family, Darien CT and Miami, FL

The Hirsch Family, Scarsdale, NY

Alexa Horowitz, NY, NY

The Sharkey Family, Westport CT

The Grodin Family, Mt. Kisco NY

Beth Handzo, Los Angeles, CA

The Goldfarb Family, Scarsdale, NY

The Jetnil Family, New Canaan, CT

The Hirschberg Family, NYC and Westport CT

Michelle Felman, NYC, NY

The Wyman Family, Bedford, NY

D. Doane, Massapequa NY and Fairfield, CT

S. Plowman, New York City, NY

The McCarthy Family, Fairfield, CT

The Lorenz Family, Westport, CT

K. Tricarico, Fairfield, CT

The Labarre Family, Westport, CT

The Goldstein Family, Westport, CT

Annette Zilka-Roth, Syosset, NY

The Hauben Family, Miami Beach, FL


Member of:

Artists Collective of Westport, Westport CT

Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan, CT

Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County