The Morning After No. 2
The Morning After No. 2
Joanie Landau Designs

The Morning After No. 2

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Living among nearby university students during the school year means being surrounded by seniors who are of legal drinking age and always ready to party. As someone who may have been one of them in a previous life, I am surprised by the extent of the litter they leave behind on the streets. They seem to have no qualms about throwing cans, nip bottles, and other trash on the ground. To combat this, I take four-mile walks and pick up their garbage, turning it into art. I often return home smelling like beer."The Morning After No. 2”: Silver, Blue, Turquoise, Pink, White, Black

Mixed Media: Up-cycled cans, nip bottles, bottle caps, spray paint, acrylic on wood panel housed in a plexi box.

18 x 24 x 5"d

Commissions welcome.