Episode 1: Go 4th and Celebrate

4th of July Hudson NY Janet Samuels Photographs Warren Street

People boss me around.  They mean well, but everyone tells me what I should be doing.  Number 1 on the list is writing a blog.  Apparently, I'm fascinating.  They have fantastic ideas for me: I should write a blog about fashion, style, design. Yes, yes & yes. But what’s my angle?

Today everything changed. The idea came to me. Epiphany is the word.  I hate to throw that around especially because there were no hallucinogens involved, but there you have it.  I will write about days spent running amok.

Hubby and I enjoy days hither and yon with our pals, Janet and Steve.  Janet is the most amazing photographer. For some unfathomable reason, she loves to photograph ME.  I’m a fan of her photos, she's a fan of my jewelry.  It’s a Win-Win. We have such laughs when we’re together, there's definitely a suburban overuse of Fist Pumping. Her husband Steve, btw, is a really good driver in a really smooth car, and best of all, he keeps Hubby occupied.

July 4th weekend brought us to Hudson, NY.   Hudson is a town where I could possibly find something to buy in every store up and down Warren Street.  This would be fiscally irresponsible, so luckily I have Janet to distract me. Everything excites her. She's like Bill Cunningham of the NY Times, except more all-encompassing.  Her muse is everywhere and everything, and luckily, I fall into the everything category.

Janet talks to everyone, not a shred of shyness with this Brooklyn Babe.  People respond to her like they’re on 60 Minutes.  She’ll ask bizarro questions of total strangers, such as "Where do you swim?" They answer her with the seriousness of a State of the Union Address.  "I swim at Taconic Lake," for example.  Nothing seems odd about the question.  Janet is just as intrigued as she is intriguing.

Hell, I'm a woman of a certain age.   I'm not expecting to become an Instagram celeb anytime in this century.  I'm not posting photos of my butt nor photos of myself au natural. What is that all about?  But Janet makes me feel like I'm her muse: beautiful, delightful, enchanting.  Please understand, this has nothing to do with how I feel about myself. It's about her astounding photographic eye. She sees beauty in walls, doors, cement and me.  She has a childlike fervor that is utterly contagious.  

We have a new rule now: we have to plan a new outing before we end the day.  Are you in?

Next up: The Vagina Dialogues







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  • Neal Edelson on

    I was the lucky hubby who had the pleasure of participating in and observing all the fun. I’m definitely in for the next excursion, but need to know where and when before I committ . : )

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