Discovering the World, Moment to Moment — Homeland

Episode 11: High Maintenance

Darien Delaware Donna Karan Homeland Hotel DuPont Led Zeppelin Spanx Westport Wilmington

We set out at 10 AM for a wedding in Delaware.  The first of our friends to get married were now hosting the numero uno wedding of our cherished offspring.  It was a big circle of life moment. I’m not a good packer, never have been. I always begin the process impersonating someone carefree and empowered: you can do this easily, Girl, you are a seasoned traveler.  Forget it. My brain blows a fuse every single time, smoke exploding from my hairline.  Hubby can pack in 30 seconds, but he always forgets something.  He once forgot his tuxedo in another state, so there....

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