Episode 14: Snowcrastination 2015

Bruce Springsteen Joyride Cycling Studio Kings of Leon Rhodie Lorenz Winter 2015

I'm a whiner, I admit it.  “I do not like the cold, I do not like the hot, I’m too tired, too busy, too bored…”  I’m a downbeat Dr. Seuss.  Last week I went into hibernation and missed all my spin classes.     By day seven I was going crackers. 

Years ago I was the Supermom of Snow Days, naively driving the kids around in our beast of a Land Rover.  It may have looked like an ugly white refrigerator but I miss that 4-wheel drive. Now I find myself in a perpetual state of winter dread, surrendered to captivity in my New England igloo. 




Then this happened: I got an email from Joyride's kickass Spinstress, Rhodie Lorenz. She was just "Checking in,” probably wondering if I croaked under a pile of snow.  Zapping me out of my malaise, I promised I would attend class on Saturday even if a zombie apocalypse loomed.  

The night before class I was a hole 'nother planet of nuts:  I’m cold, I’m bloated, I’m fat....

It was hell getting out of bed after a week’s snowcrastination.  Finally at Joyride, Rhodie dedicated a song to me, appropriately called “The Fight.” Overrun with endorphins, I danced with myself on Bike 8, fantasies of crowd surfing in my head.

Rhodie and I are “Musical Twin Sisters.”  I’d swap a vial of blood with her if she asked.  She’s the Simon to my Garfunkel. The only thing that comes between us is her undying love for mashups. Rhodie will start an amazing song (I call it “The Tease”) and it quickly changes.  Like Homer Simpson, I want to shout Do’h!

It might start like this : 

Hey little girl is your daddy home, did he go and leave you all alone, hmm hmm, I have a bad desire,
whoa whoa whoa 
I'm on Fire …

But just then the song morphs into this:

Lay where you're laying, Don’t make a sound, I know they're watching, Watching
All the commotion,
The kiddie like play It has people talking, talking You,
Your sex is on fire…


As if separated at birth, Bruce Springsteen is expertly mashed with Kings of Leon and somehow it works. I ask Rhodie to send it to me and when I get home it’s already in my inbox.  Lesson learned: It’s just loony to hole up and be wretched when there is a Joyride in my cosmic universe.

Peace Out, Winter! 

Do I hear birds chirping?


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