Discovering the World, Moment to Moment — Janet Samuels Photographs

Episode 12: Shopping Olympics

Floyd Leon Fuller Janet Samuels Photographs Jeffrey NY Manhattan Meatpacking District New York The High Line The Standard Hotel

A New York doctor was diagnosed with Ebola and had just visited the High Line.  So in a moment of perversity, that is exactly where we decided to go.  With another playdate set with Janet and Steve, our plan was to see the newly completed High Line in it's entirety.   It begins at Gansevoort Street in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, and now ends at 34th Street.   The High Line, if you've haven't been, is one of the most exceptional and unconventional places ever conceived.  It was inspired by a similar project in Paris, the Promenade Plantée.  A high rise park along the Hudson River,...

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Episode 6: Ready, Set, Blow!

Bannerman Castle Trust Beacon Brooklyn Dia:Beacon Janet Samuels Photographs

We kicked off Memorial Day hangin’ with photographer Janet and super chauffeur Steve, so it seemed apropos to spend the most anti-climactic weekend of the year together.  Put away your whites, People. Zip up your pools. Buy a full price sweater.  Summer is over.  Kaput. Not literally, of course.  It’s a state of mind.  Perhaps because I'm an empty nester I don't necessarily feel the end of summer as acutely as others. I’m no longer making school lunches at 7 AM while an intravenous coffee drip keeps me vertical.   Still dedicated to one last summer fling, we headed out to Beacon, New...

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Episode 5: The Conference Room

Boston Legal Bug Design Janet Samuels Photographs Manhattan Saks 5th Avenue Sisley William Shatner

I’ve been invited to a meeting and I have no idea what it's about.  I'm pondering my state of confusion while waiting alone in a conference room, high above midtown Manhattan on the 40th floor.  I know the meeting is about my business, but to admit I'm unprepared and my brain is a wasteland is an understatement.  Called for 3:00 and it is now 3:25, I am beginning to think the meeting isn't happening.  Perhaps they forgot about it. It’s August and it's Friday after all. Everyone and their mother is in the Hamptons hanging with the Kardashians. I’m not concerned because I’m...

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Episode 2: The Vagina Dialogues

Hudson NY Janet Samuels Photographs Myron Polenberg Warren Street Yad Vashem

Hudson, New York is perhaps the smallest “city” I have ever encountered: only 2 square miles.  It is serious enough to need a mayor and 10 aldermen.  I don’t have a clue what an alderman is, but apparently they need a lot of them. Hudson is pristine, colorful and holy cow, does it have a sense of humor.  My photographer, Janet kept remarking, “They are all so happy!” as if that is just nuts.  Hudson is like Soho, when Soho was Soho, if you get my drift.  Warren Street is lined with shopping, restaurants, artists and even actors.  Strolling around...

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Episode 1: Go 4th and Celebrate

4th of July Hudson NY Janet Samuels Photographs Warren Street

People boss me around.  They mean well, but everyone tells me what I should be doing.  Number 1 on the list is writing a blog.  Apparently, I'm fascinating.  They have fantastic ideas for me: I should write a blog about fashion, style, design. Yes, yes & yes. But what’s my angle? Today everything changed. The idea came to me. Epiphany is the word.  I hate to throw that around especially because there were no hallucinogens involved, but there you have it.  I will write about days spent running amok. Hubby and I enjoy days hither and yon with our pals,...

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